Spotify Love For KINDER

First bit of Spotify love for KINDER! It’s not Sunday right now but ‘Feeling Gets Too Heavy’ has been added to the Sweet Soul Sunday playlist, and you should all soundtrack your evening with its soothing tones.

Also, don’t forget to pre-order the full EP HERE, which is out this Friday.

‘Feeling Gets Too Heavy’ Is Out Now!

It’s a big day because our very first release through Lapsang House is out now!! You can listen to KINDER’s new single, ‘Feeling Gets Too Heavy’, HERE.

KINDER also happens to be one half of the label team so it’s a double celebration, and we are doing just that whilst being normal people at our normal day jobs.

Big thank you to Ellie Green too for creating these amazing tea labels for each release and to Leo’s dad for the stunning artwork.